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T/C Needle Holders

Types : T/C Serrated Tip, T/C Plain Tip, T/C grinded serrated tip, Plain tip, serrated tip.

Material : Japanese Stainless Steel

Gold plating = 21 karrat gold with certificate

Quality Speaks
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RYDER T/C Needle Holders
Tip Size
MAYO-HEGAR T/C Needle Holders
Tip Size
DEBAKEY T/C Needle Holders
Tip Size

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Decades of Experience in Surgical, Dental and Measuring instruments Manufacturing which comes from A Family Tradition in Craftsmanship.

For us , Customer Satisfaction is the most Important criterion of Quality . Requiring that our products must be Technically sound , Reasonable priced and timely delivered. Our objective is to implement and Maintain International Standard to Enable us to Reduce Customer complaints , reworks an rejection. We have well equipped complete setup with very experienced craftsman whose skilled technique and traditional approach makes all possibilities to acclaim us quality instruments producers. We are ISO 9001-2000 certified firm observing all the Norms of qualities and standards.

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